Artist Statement

I love animals! They are my friends! It is only natural to me that I would pick them to be the subject of my art. I choose to create art that depicts the reality of animals as I see them, whether it be a foal playing in a field or a watchful dog in the snow. My goal as an artist is to create portraits that show animals in their natural world, with all the beauty, power, and intelligence they possess. My hope is to bring the viewer closer to each individual and create a favorable emotional response and possibly a better understanding of who these creatures are we share our planet… and our lives with.

When I choose a subject to paint, I generally look for a whimsical character, somewhat playful and/or slightly mischievous. Although I have a great respect for all animals, I am currently studying dogs and horses in my art and tend to choose individuals with bold coloring and kind eyes. My goal is to some day be able to create paintings of other animals as well, but at this time I feel the need to continue to study dogs and horses until confident I can capture them to their fullest.

Although I have experimented with different mediums such as oils and color pencils, I have developed a passion for pastels, especially on velour paper. This combination is essential in developing the soft feel of hair and fur. Velour paper allows me to create using many layers of colors.

My art accomplishments include:
• 2015 Pastel Society of West Coast Membership Show, 3rd Place with “African Pony”
• 2015 Sacramento Fine Arts Membership Show, 3rd Place with “Born Free”
• 2014 Sacramento Fine Arts Animal House Show, Merit Award with “African Pony”
• 2010 through 2015 Draft Horse Classic juried Equine Art Show
• 2015 Second Place in Pastel Division with “African Pony”
• 2015 Third Place in Pastel Division with “Hitched”
• 2014 Honorable Mention with “Finishing Touch”
• 2012 First Place in the Pastel Division with “Born Free”
• 2011 Third Place in the Pastel Division with “Duncan”
• 2014 Rocklin Fine Arts Snowflake Show, 2nd place with “Picasso”
• 2011 & 2012 Western States Horse Expo Equine Art Show
• 2010 & 2011 Sierra College Rocklin Student Art Show
• 2010, 2011 & 2012 Sierra College Nevada Cty Campus Student Art Show
• 2009, 2011 & 2012 Gold Country Fair, Auburn, CA • Best of Division

I currently reside in Loomis, CA with my wonderful husband Pat and our two dogs, Sierra and Dakota.

I am available for animal portrait commissions and would love to talk to you about painting your special friend. Please contact me at