Pastel Pet Portrait: Joey

Joey, 8x10 Pastel on Velour ©2011 Meb Harris

This little guy’s name is Joey. He started out as my bird around 1984ish, and then went to live with my sister Terri… for some 25 years. Joey just recently passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. We estimated him to be around 28 years old. He was quite the little character with a very loud cat call whistle. I painted this picture to celebrate his long lived and happy life. He will be missed!

Pastel Pet Portrait: Fritz


Fritz, 8"x10" Pastel, ©2010 Meb Harris

Fritz is a 12-year-old Sheltie belonging to Susan, from WAG (Western Agility Group) in Elk Grove, CA. This boy has more Agility Championship titles than I can list in one post. To mention a few: CATE, CATE-2, CS-ATE, CS-ATE 2, CATCH, NATCH 13, Vers-NATCH 8, MEDAL 3 and Vers – Medal, MACH, ADCH, ATCH, and V-MEX.  Which includes all the major organizations that were around here more than a few years.  His biggest claim to fame when younger – he was the only dog at the time with 5 different venue Championships in Agility. Other dogs have now reached that success, but Fritz is a leader in that regard!

He is awesome to watch run agility and rarely misses a cue from Susan. Over the years my dog Jasmine and I usually followed Susan and Fritz in our Agility runs and I picked up some great handling skills watching this team, which was very helpful in obtaining our own Championship title (CATCH Jasmine!). I enjoyed capturing Fritz in this pastel painting, which I made a gift of to Susan as a thank you for her help over the years… whether she knew it or not. He is an amazing dog!

UPDATE: Fritz went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 14, 2011. He will truly be missed!

Pastel Pet Portrait: Kindle


Portrait of Kindle, 8" x 10" Pastel on Velour, ©2011 Meb Harris

I painted this portrait for Susan to give to her friend Sue as a birthday gift. I saw Sue yesterday at a dog agility competition and she had a big smile on her face. I also got to meet Kindle in the flesh. I had painted the portrait straight from photos that Susan provided. It was fun to see the actual dog after having studied her face for so long to get the details. Kindle is a beautiful, and very petite Sheltie with an adorable snaggle tooth… apparently her trademark. When her little lip gets caught she always has a cute smile on her face. I was so happy to have captured that in the portrait. Kindle loves to compete in agility and has achieved her CATCH title (CPE Agility Team Champion title).

Work In Progress

The Guardian, Pastel, 11.5" x 11.5",©2011 Meb Harris

This is a pastel painting on velour paper. The background is giving me grief…which happens to me with pretty much all my paintings, so I will be working more on that. I also have more work to do on the dog’s feet. And… of course, all the final tweaking!

Hello world!

Welcome to Meb’s Art… where I hope to showcase my art. I’ve been a graphic artist for 25 years, but I’m fairly new to the world of fine art. I’m also very new at blogging… so here I go!