Bow Wow Meow

"Labrador Express", 12" x 16" pastel on velour

“Labrador Express”, 12″ x 16″ pastel on velour

It’s been some time since my last post in December, so thought I should take the time now to give an update. I’ve been happily painting away on several commissions and a few show paintings during the first half of the year. Today I would like to share this painting, along with the background of how it came to be.

I envisioned this painting for a couple of years. I own the cute little red wagon… an ATW (all terrain wagon) that my husband bought me some years ago. It was one of those gifts you would never imagine getting… but it’s one of my favorite possessions… and I love those ATW wheels. And I’ve been wanting to paint it with some puppies for some time. Last October I had opportunity to photograph three different colors of Labrador puppies. It was a fun photo shoot following these pups all over trying to get photos that would work with my wagon. It’s nearly impossible to get all three pups together long enough to take a photo… so I took my best photos into Photoshop and created the composition… then on to my velour board. And… viola… Labrador Express came to be.

I should also mention that two of these puppies are family members. The chocolate pup is a little girl named Kona Bella who was adopted by my brother and his wife. The yellow pup is a boy named Duke, now living with my cousin in Grass Valley. They are currently just under a year old now… and no doubt would not fit in the wagon any longer.

“Labrador Express” is currently hanging in the “Bow Wow Meow” art show at Alpha Fired Arts, 4675 Aldona Lane in Sacramento. The show is running now through August 27th. The painting is also juried in the “Art at the Classic” art show at the Draft Horse Classic at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA from Sept 22nd – 25th.








"Girlfriends" 11" x 14" Pastel on Velour

“Girlfriends” 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Velour

I know… I’m an animal artist. But once in awhile a reference photo becomes available with a cute little girl and her dog that I just have to paint. And here it is! This is Emma and Rogue. Emma is my grand niece and Rogue is her girlfriend. And that look on Emma’s face as she hugs her dog reminds me of… ME!

Painting children is a frightening venture. Forget the fact that if you get one small line wrong it no longer looks like your subject… but the skin tones are incredibly hard, especially with pastels where you’re not free to easily mix colors to get that perfect skin color. And it’s so easy to get a blotchy look as well… so as I learned from the two workshops on painting children in pastel I took from my friend and mentor, Lesley Harrison, smooth is the secret. My success with this painting has opened up a whole new venture for me as I start practicing more humans to include with my animal paintings. So now the search is on to find those adorable kid with pet moments that I can capture with my art. And I would like to put another thank you out there to my artist friend Kay Witt for sharing her knowledge of skin tones to help me with this piece.

UPDATE: “Girlfriends” has sold.

2013 Calendar featuring Dogs of WAG

2013 Calendar featuring Dogs of WAGI am happy to offer my first calendar featuring dogs from y favorite club, Western Agility Group… WAG… where Jasmine and I have run many fun agility courses, and Sierra is beginning her agility training. Located in Elk Grove, CA, WAG is host to agility trials of different venues throughout the year. It’s a wonderful place to spend a weekend playing with our dogs… watching their goffy antics as they run through the courses. And what a great place to find beautiful dogs to paint!

Each month features a different dog painted in pastel. Most of these were done as commissions throughout the year, with the owners allowing me to feature them in this collection. Calendars are 5.5″ x 4.25″ and $10 each, which includes tax and shipping. A certain amount also feature the dates of all the known trials being held at WAG throughout the year. Gets yours now before they run out!

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John Denver Illustration

John Denver "Country Roads" 9" X 11" pastel on velour

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new. I have been painting though. I’m taking an illustration class and one of the assignments was to create a portrait of someone famous. This is a little out of my comfort zone… but thought it might be fun to try a human. Turns out I really enjoyed doing it and was surprised to find it kind of looks like John Denver, who is my all time favorite singer. So here is my very first attempt at a human portrait…

Pastel Pet Portrait: Joey

Joey, 8x10 Pastel on Velour ©2011 Meb Harris

This little guy’s name is Joey. He started out as my bird around 1984ish, and then went to live with my sister Terri… for some 25 years. Joey just recently passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. We estimated him to be around 28 years old. He was quite the little character with a very loud cat call whistle. I painted this picture to celebrate his long lived and happy life. He will be missed!

Hello world!

Welcome to Meb’s Art… where I hope to showcase my art. I’ve been a graphic artist for 25 years, but I’m fairly new to the world of fine art. I’m also very new at blogging… so here I go!