Pastel Pet Portrait: Jag

Jag, 8" x 10" Pastel on Velour

Jag, 8" x 10" Pastel on Velour

Here is my latest commissioned portrait. This is Jag. He’s an awesome Australian Shepherd, owned by Justine, with some 14 championship titles in Agility. According to Justine, “His latest ones are C-ATE (almost to C-ATE2), ADCH, PDCH, NATCH#3 and versatility NATCH#3, Sach, jch, tm-bronze, c-Mex, bronze-sm, Mx and mxj. The bronze ones are USDAA and the c-Mex is DOCNA (which are different venues in Agilty).”

I first noticed Justine and Jag running in Agility at the CPE Nationals in 2006. Jag’s enthusiasm bounced off of him and I believe he received one of the highest scores of the entire 3-day trial…  and to watch him run today is no different. I enjoyed painting him with all the wonderful colors and that happy expression that is simply Jag!

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