Pastel Pet Portrait: Nitro

Nitro Pastel

Nitro, 9" x 12" Pastel on Velour

This is Nitro… asleep on his favorite pillow, which is located in the office at WAG (Western Agility Group) in Elk Grove, CA where he spends his time waiting for his turn to run in whatever agility trial he happens to be entered in. Nitro belongs to Susan Rappillus and has some impressive Agility titles, such as: CATE, CATE-2, NATCH 7, Vers. NATCH 7, MX, MXJ, MAD. Although he looks so serene in this painting, he’s a lightning fast little dog on course .

Nitro's painting on his pillow

Here is a cute photo that Susan sent to me of Nitro’s painting on the pillow from his painting. Too cute!